6th Grade

The sixth-grade curriculum is structured in core blocks with English Language Arts/History and Math/Science with exemplary teachers. Sixth graders also participate in physical education and can choose between electives such as band, STEM enrichment and woodshop. 


English Language Arts

Students will build literacy and language skills by reading, discussing, and writing about a range of topics across many genres. Classes read poems, stories, plays, myths, legends, biographies, and informational articles.



Students will learn how to multiply and divide fractions and decimals, find the areas of different polygons, plot data on a coordinate plane, and use statistics to analyze data sets. They will also learn about rates and ratios, as well as get an introduction to algebraic principles. Throughout the year, students develop their abilities to communicate their understandings of the various math skills, as well as how to apply what they have learned to practical, real-life situations.



Students study systems and subsystems in Earth life science, Earth system interactions that cause weather, causes and effects of regional climates, and effects of global warming on living systems. 


Social Studies

Sixth graders will study early humankind and the development of human societies. They will learn about the early civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Kush, Ancient Israelites, Ancient Greece, as well as India and China. Furthermore, scholars will investigate the development of Rome.