7th Grade

Seventh-grade students participate in a standard six-period, departmentalized middle school program with highly-qualified, subject-specific instructors. Students can choose from various enrichment offerings, including band, choir, video production, wood shop, art, leadership, and helping in a classroom as a cross-grade tutor and teacher's assistant.


English Language Arts

English 7 is organized into four thematic units: In Pursuit (text excerpts related to people pursuing dreams), The Powers that Be (dystopian texts), Justice Served (texts defending human rights, and Getting Along (texts evaluating barriers to getting along). All units contain fiction and non-fiction. Students continuously examine literary elements, including plot, theme, characterization, figurative language, grammar, and textual evidence. Students also hone their abilities to analyze texts, speak & listen, and write cohesively in a variety of genres. 



Students will learn about negative numbers, including how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. This course of study will include fractions, decimals, and percentages. Next, students will solve equations and inequalities. Math 7 students will also study geometry, angles and circles, proportions, ratios, and basic probability. 



Students investigate science phenomena in biology, chemistry (matter), earth science, ecosystems, energy, and engineering. Environmental awareness and advocacy are running themes throughout the year. 


Social Studies

Students examine the medieval world from ancient Rome to the Renaissance and Reformation. Students also learn about the Scientific Revolution. In History 7, students analyze medieval China, Japan, India, Mesoamerica, and Europe; the rise of Christianity and Islam; as well as West African civilization.