8th Grade

Eighth-grade students participate in a standard six-period, departmentalized middle school program with highly-qualified, subject-specific instructors. Students can choose from various enrichment offerings, including band, choir, video production, wood shop, art, leadership, and helping in a classroom as a cross-grade tutor and teacher's assistant.


English Language Arts

English 8 is organized into thematic units: Suspense (texts and narrative essay writing), WWII (texts about the Holocaust and a research paper/expository writing piece), and Moral Compass (texts about building character and the Civil War). All units contain fiction and non-fiction. Students continuously examine literary elements, including plot, theme, characterization, figurative language, grammar, and textual evidence. Students also hone their abilities to analyze texts, speak & listen, and write cohesively in a variety of genres. 



Students study integers, how different numbers are classified. They look at natural, whole, integer, rational, and irrational numbers. Students also work to solve complex equations and inequalities. Next, students work with functions and graphing equations. Additionally, Math 8 will look at elements of geometry, including angles, volume, and the Pythagorean theorem. Finally, students will evaluate statistics and probability. Math students will make scatter plots and examining trends.



Students investigate science phenomena in astronomy, biology, earth science, energy, engineering, physics, and waves. Engineering and technology practices are also studied. 


Social Studies

Students in History 8 will study the Industrial Revolution, the Progressive Era, formation of the national parks, Muckrakers, the Panama Canal, and the Spanish-American War.