About Brook Haven School

Brook Haven Middle School is home to Sebastopol Union School District's fifth- through eighth-grade students. Brook Haven has been an integral part of the local community for over 50 years. The school facilities are the hub for many community events and is the quintessential neighborhood school.

  • Clean & Safe with Amazing Facilities
  • Supportive, Innovative Teachers & Staff
  • Access to Updated Technology & Resources
  • Small School with Reduced Class Sizes (Every Student is Known by Name)
  • Top-Notch Curriculum Aligned to State Standards
  • High Test Scores Showing Master of Standards
  • Individualized Academic Support
  • Social-Emotional Learning Focus
  • Inclusive Student Body
  • Leadership Opportunities & Community Involvement
  • The Warrior Way


academic achievementRigorous academics coupled with enrichment programs foster the development of well-rounded students at Brook Haven Middle School. Fifth graders learn in self-contained classrooms with highly qualified teachers. Beyond core academics, fifth graders participate in physical education, STEM enrichment, and either band or choir. The sixth-grade curriculum is structured in core blocks with English language arts/history and math/science teachers. Sixth graders also participate in physical education and can choose between electives such as band, STEM enrichment and woodshop. Seventh and eighth- grade students participate in a standard six period, departmentalized middle school program with subject-specific instructors. Seventh and Eighth-grade students can choose from various enrichment offerings, including band, choir, video production, woodshop, art, leadership, and helping in a classroom as a cross-grade tutor and teacher’s assistant.

Extracurricular & Athletics

Brook Haven students are provided opportunities to participate in various extracurricular activities. As a member of the West County Athletic League, students can join after school athletics teams (basketball, flag football, volleyball & cross-country). Additionally, Brook Haven offers many clubs and activities for students, including Student Leadership, Rotary-Interact, Garden, Yearbook, Bike and Book Clubs.


The TOOLBOX Project is a social-emotional curriculum adopted by Sebastopol Union School District. The TOOLBOX program provides tools for solving problems in the classroom and in social settings. With modifications to provide age- appropriate social-emotional learning skills, TOOLBOX is used at the middle school level in conjunction with restorative practices to better handle conflicts and potential disciplinary issues.


Students are supported through Advisory twice a week which allows students the opportunity to participate in academic intervention or extension, based on their personal needs or strengths. Students also have the opportunity for before school and lunchtime academic support and after-school homework help in the Boys & Girls Club. The use of classroom aides allows opportunities for small group instruction and differentiation. Brook Haven prides itself on supporting the whole child in a diverse and welcoming environment.

The Warrior Way

Being a Warrior comes with big responsibilities. 


At Brook Haven Middle School all of our students are expected to be:

  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Kind

As a school we utilize PBIS to encourage our expectations. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Supports. Our core belief is to teach students about Respect, Responsibility and Safety as a way to learn about appropriate pro-social behaviors.


Throughout the school day students can earn Red Tickets for demonstrating positive behavior. At lunch, they have the opportunity to shop at the Warrior Walkup, our student store with snacks and school spirit gear. Tickets also can be saved for things like lunches with teachers, or even the chance to throw a pie at a teacher during a lunch assembly! 



Sebastopol Union School District's Mission:

As a progressive district that is an integral part of its engaged and diverse community, Sebastopol Union School District graduates all of its students as globally-minded citizens, critical and creative thinkers, skilled collaborators, and fully- engaged learners who achieve academic excellence and are socially and emotionally resilient; we accomplish this with inspired teaching of a rigorous and meaningful curriculum in a dynamic learning environment where we support and challenge every student in partnership with families and community.